The Collective's Featured Artists

Jeremiah Sonko

Jeremiah is a visual artist based in Nairobi, his art is inspired by the African way of life. In his latest series he developed a new technique using drawing ink on cut out novel pages. His images depict modern African urban culture capturing the power and diversity among modern African women. Jeremiah is a co-founder of Studio Soku, a creative hub for many young and upcoming Kenyan artists.

Brian Siambi

Brian Siambi is an editorial, commercial and travel photographer, whose love for the arts started at a young age learning illustration from his uncle. While working as a graphic designer Brian was always drawn to photography and developed a keen interest in fashion photography while working with his friend and mentor Emmanuel Jambo. By crafting the use of natural light and shadows Brian produces dramatic effects in his images. Constantly experimenting with new techniques, Brian is a powerful voice for Kenyan photography and presents a refreshingly unique take on fashion in a travel element. His current series The Dark Matter Project is a collaboration with different African models and designers. The series aims to showcase unique fashion and document this through his creative take on editorial photography.

Blaine 29

Blaine 29 is a visual artist based in Nairobi; she is a painter, graffiti artist and a part time graphic designer. She started doing art at the tender age of 11 years. She became a practicing artists 6 years ago.She has studied fine art and design at Kenyatta University (Main Campus), where she graduated with a diploma and currently pursuing a degree of the same. Her work is highly based on the vast use of colors, shapes and patterns that includes the manipulation of patterns tribal and also mandalas, the use of negative space, with these she incorporates different images i.e. portraits, masks e.t.c. Her love for color and shapes fully manifests in her work. She enjoys painting forms not as they are but in rather broken down form, some may call it cubism fused with abstract expressionism and a touch of pop art.<br /> Most of her portraits are culture-inspired; exploring culture in different aspects fascinates her. She has managed to showcase her work in form of graffiti murals and also paintings in different galleries and events just to mention a few; Circle Art gallery, Alliance Francaise, the Lavington Mall among others. For graffiti she has painted different walls in Kenya and also outside the country.